Tuesday, November 17, 2009


A very busy few days started with Muse at the O2. Every time I see this band I am always enormously impressed - they are just so tight - they almost seem to be trying so hard because they can't quite believe they are there. They always seem to put 100% into every show - wish I could say that about evry band I see - and are always looking at how to make the show visually more interesting. As ever a great show - from what I can recall pretty similar to Teignmouth show with the new songs blending with the old effortlessly.

Stupidly early the next morning was on a flight to NYC to see Metallica at Madison Square Garden - twice. Yes, yes I know it is a stupidly expensive thing to do but fuck me was it worth it. Metallica were supported by Volbeat - as good as I remember them from Download but more enjoyable now that I know some of their stuff. Lamb of God from "Richmond Motherfuckin Virginia" (all the 15 year olds in the audience love this way of talking but I am a bit old for that) as I fear I might be for Lamb of God - they were, well, a bit dull. Seen them support Heaven and Hell as well as at Sonisphere and a few flashes of good stuff but mainly dull. I hope I change my mind as they are clearly in this for the long haul - not sure what it is - I should like them but Lamb of God, Trivium and most surprisingly Machine Head - none of them do it for me.

Metallica on the other hand were a different class - back to the more familiar Death Magnetic set list - even on consecutive nights they managed to mix up the order and swop a few sings in and out to always keep me interested. Diamond Head's The Prince on Saturday and the Misfits' Last Caress on Sunday were the added bonus songs. They were just so professional - although still not convinced that the "in the round" show is as good as an old fashioned stage at one end. Funniest thing of the night was my wife (not a big Metallica fan) mishearing the lyrics to Master of Puppets - she was convinced one of the the lines was something like "save your badger" - well it made me laugh. Fucking superb - and worth every penny!!

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