Friday, January 08, 2010


Review of best/worst of 2009

Best Gig - always best to look back and examine things from distance those that seem the best on the night sometimes fade quickly in the memory - others don't so it is toss up between Muse at Teignmouth, Limp Bizkit at Sonisphere and the Wildhearts at Shepherd's Bush

Event of the Year - Sonisphere by a mile - just so many good bands it was immense

Worst Gig - Whitesnake at Download - just difficult to believe how shit this was and Faith No More at Brixton was also very disappointing.

Funniest sight of the year - my wife selling a poppy to the drummer from Anvil - he was just so bemused by the whole thing.

Disappointment of the year - Slayer and Dio cancelling in the same week. Best of luck with your recoveries Ronnie and Tom.

Surprise of the Year - Monster Magnet at HRH III - very impressive

Extravagance of the year - New York to see Metallica

Album of the year - Chutzpah by the Wildhearts

Return of the year - Limp Bizkit with an honourable mention to Wolfmother

Hope for 2010 - Slayer and Dio return all well, the big four play Sonisphere (the Knebworth leg not just in Poland), AC/DC return with a better set and a small venue show by the Wildhearts.


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