Monday, June 14, 2010


Two festivals on successive weekends.

The first was the Hard Rock Hell Road Trip. A relatively small affair where HRH stalwarts - both bands and fans - made a trip to Ibiza. Highlights were excellent sets by GMT, DAR, Lethargy and Attica rage. I had to return to work so missed Skindred, Quireboys and a few others. Shows started at 11pm and went on til the wee small hours - a marathon.

Download was just magnificent.

Friday - AC/DC played basically the same set they have been chugging out for the last 18 months but were really great. Possibly because it is a year since I saw them last and absence does make the heart grow fonder. I was a bit annoyed at Wembley last year with this show as I had seen them 3 times in the previous six months. Them Crooked Vultures were a bit dull - trotted out the album but all a bit lifeless. Only odd thing was the total absence of the name AC/DC from any Download merchandise - must be some financial row over the "brand" - even the programme did not mention that they were on at 8.30. Bizarre that a great rock band has decended into a marketing vehicle - not very rock and roll.

Saturday - wasn't expecting this to be a great day but it was. Caught a great set by 80s retro band Reckless Love - was like seeing Dave Lee Roth in his hey day - great show. Bizarre band Rock Sugar were very entertaining (mixture of rock classics i.e Enter Sandman merged with a bit of 80s pop Don't Stop Believing) but not sure I would shell out to see them. Megadeth and Five Finger death Punch were both excellent. Had to miss Y&T and the Deftones to catch the England game (wish I hadn't bothered) and saw most of Rage Against the Machine who were much better than I remembered.

Sunday - best day by far (apart from the weather) - Saxon, Motorhead, Airbourne and Suicidal Tendencies were all as good as ever. Billy Idol was great in flashes but the show was completely stolen by Slash who's new band seem much better than anything he has got sorted before. Great GNR covers as crowd pleasers. Due to Suicidal clash saw the end of Aerosmith only - Sweet Emotion was the highlight.

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